How Do I Become a Mason?

First of all to become a Freemason you need to ask one.  You may have seen a bumper sticker, poster, or something on the web that said, 2B1ASK1. 

It’s that simple, the first step to becoming a Mason is to ask a Mason that one simple question, “How do I join?”

Traditionally Masonry has not advertised itself to the world or even defended itself against outside attacks by anti-Masons.  Recently however, that has changed and you may see billboards, newspaper ads, and other advertisements that promote Freemasonry.  Many Grand Lodges have even created Public Relations Departments to oversee not only their PR campaigns but to help individual Lodges with getting the word out.

The easiest way for you to become a member is to find out what the most convenient location is for you to petition to become a member.  Then if you know someone who is a member, even from another community ask them about joining.  Most Masons would be more than happy to assist you in contacting the proper people.  If you do not know anyone who is a member, another way is to go to the Grand Lodge website of the State, Province, or Country that you live in.

In the case of Ohio the website is  From there you can see what Lodges are in your vicinity.

If you are from another state a great resource is found at Be a Freemason | Start Your Journey

The contact information is provided on the lodge locator which generally includes the address, telephone, and sometimes email and webpage information.  If the lodge has a webpage you should visit it as most have contact information listed.  If you do not get a reply to an inquiry made through email make sure you call or write to the Lodge.  One important thing that you must understand though, is that most Lodges don not hold meetings in the summer months.  For example our Lodge does not meet in July or August unless a special meeting is called for some form of business.

Please click on the links below for some interesting information about Freemasonry passed on by our good friend and brother Benjamin Franklin.


The above video is provided by the “Ask a Freemason” YouTube Channel where you can find more videos like this.




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